The Present

Dwarven society has crumbled, imploding in on itself. With Amardur’s hosts surging underground, the dwarves were just as powerless as the other races to stop him. For reasons unknown, the dwarves began using the warpstone that is abundant in their underground kingdom to augment themselves despite knowing the dangers involved.

Now believed to be permanently warped and malefic, the dwarves have become every bit as deadly as Amardur’s forces. They troll the depths of the world seeking out plunder and murder.

Those among the dwarves that did not partake of the warpstone are now hunted down and massacred by their intoxicated brethren, forced into taking to the surface only to be killed by the evil that stalks above ground.

In the Past

For thousands of years dwarves have safe-guarded a dark Secret hidden deep beneath the surface. Many dwarves have sworn an oath to protect this Secret, keeping its contents hidden from outsiders and even from their own people.

As the stewards of the underworld, dwarves take their role very seriously and do not allow strangers of other races into their underground realm. However, in recent generations some dwarves have grown rich from mining, crafting, and selling metals and wares to the surface-dwellers.

These dwarves are part of a caste known as the Zardrim and have abandoned their oath, believing their legacy to be nothing but a myth. They prefer more relaxed relations with humans and other races so that they may profit from trade. Because of this, the dwarves are deeply divided between upholding their ancestral duty and transitioning into a modern civilization based around mercantile.

Any dwarves you encounter on the surface are likely from this latter group, or among those who have been exiled by the Karnak, the dwarven religious caste, that still cling to their ancient duty. Rarely a member of the Karnak will be sent to the surface on a clandestine mission that involves the preservation of their sacred Secret.


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