Revelations of Tyvar

An Update
A brief summary of what has transpired

It has been some time since this page has been updated. The players have been teleported 8 years into the future and have found themselves in a world conquered by the forces of Amardur.

Listening to the guidance of the gods’ messenger, Teshub, the party has decided to travel east out of the western world to seek the aid of an independent Randa. Unfortunately, tales of civil war and unrest in Randa have made the party feel uneasy about what awaits them when they arrive.

With Amardur’s forces holding the mountain pass, the party has been forced to travel underground through the dwarven controlled underworld. Inside they have found dwarves maddened by exposure to warpstones and ancient nightmares undreamt of. They now near the exit with the tracks of a horrific daemon guiding them out.

Session 11: Harvane
The party enters the Dead City in middle of an old friend's disappearance

The party arrives at the ruins of Harvane after fleeing Pharnac. They find the sprawling Dead City before them. The ruins of the ancient elven empires decaying against the vast mountain range that divides Tyvar’s eastern and western sides.

Vicar General Dorinel seems familiar with this place and explains its history to Kora. Upon entering the ruins proper, they are greeted by an elven woman. Dorinel recognizes her as Merlara, and she seems displeased to be in Dorinel’s presence.

When Merlara notices that Khantarith is a dark elf, she suddenly draws her blade and there is a tense moment. She implies that Dorinel seeks to deceive the elves and deliver a dark elf into their Sanctum, the safe portion of Harvane that the remaining elves call home. Dorinel tells her that Khantarith is a matari, a dark elf whose heart is not corrupted toward evil, and they argue for some time. After Merlara’s threats of leaving the party and the other Randa envoys outside of the city are brushed aside by a threat from Dorinel, she warns that it will be difficult to convince the Zakkath elves to allow a dark elf and half-elf into Sanctum.

Eventually, the barrier that surrounds Sanctum is reached. Merlara is alarmed when she is informed that her father has been missing from some days. She insists that a search be conducted for him.

At first, Merlara accuses Dorinel and the party of foul play and threatens to take the other Inquisitors prisoner. However, Dorinel is able to defuse the situation and the party volunteers to search for the missing elf. Merlara insists on joining them. The rest of the Randa group is allowed to stay in Sanctum as the party embarks on their search.

It does not take long to track Merlara’s father’s footprints, now identified as the party’s first mentor Glarian Lithinius, to an old abandoned summoning temple. Here the party detects dormant magic, evil, and the presence of undead.

The party searches the temple and finds that it is mostly empty. There is a large circular stone room and four antechambers that each contain an altar with curious circular slots carved into them. After some examination, the party realizes these receptacles are made to accommodate warpstones.

The party inserts four green warpstones, and the cirular stones rotate and reveal four metallic wings protruding from the ground that meet in the center. At this meeting place, green energy begins to whir and a strange green cloudy mass accumulates there.

In a few moments, the body of an elf that looks like Glarian is ejected from the mass and onto the floor, followed by four forms of roughly humanoid shape composed entirely of green flames. They begin to shoot streams of green energy into the elven body, when Kora intervenes by firing at one with his bow.

This begins a conflict that ultimately sees the party in victory. After the creatures are dissipated, Merlara and Timothy make their way to the elf’s body. Merlara confirms the elf’s identity as her father Glarian. However, he has no pulse and appears dead.

Without warning his body leaps to life and reaches for Merlara, and she comes alight in green flames. As she does this the elf’s body transforms and both Merlara and the transforming form are consumed in green fire as a huge version of the elemental creatures the party fought moments ago manifests. The transformed figure soon reveals herself as a beautiful woman wreathed in green flame.

The following battle is arduous even with Merlara weakning the creatures with a powerful cone of cold. She nearly burns to death and the rest rest of the party suffers extreme wounds at the hands of the creatures.

Finally defeated, the fire elemental fades and the witchflame flees from the battle and into the green mass, now revealed to be a portal. She warns that Glarian’s soul is hers forever.

Merlara resolves to pursue the witch through the portal, but the party is hesitant. After some debate they decide to enter.

The party finds themselves in a disembodied dimension on a floating piece of land. All around them green flames cut the air, and beyond they see a giant sun of green flame that countless floating islands are orbiting around.

Session 10: Jailbreak!
A Hero Rises and Prisoners are Freed

The party raises Khantarith’s body from the Undercity. When they reach the Ossuary beneath Pharnac’s Mournful Acres, they are astounded to find a living Khantarith waiting for them.

Khantarith explains that he has become Khantarith the Free, takes what he needs from his corpse, and the party burns his remains. They then ascend to the city and make way for the Groaning Ghost Inn, which has served as their base of operations since they came to the cemetery.

Upon reaching the inn, the proprietor Carsten Hoffmeyer welcomes the party nervously. Kora questions the innkeeper and learns that members of the Pharnac Citywatch had been to the inn in search of the party. When Kora asks Carsten if he had exposed their hideout to the Watch, Carsten denies it deceptively.

The party resolves to quit the inn as quickly as possible. Upon exiting the structure, they find a dead Watch member at the door. An Inquisitor stands upon the roof who informs Kora that the Randa Embassy has been seized by the Watch, due to the discovery of an Inquisition base illegally operating from the embassy. Before leaving, the Inquisitor says that those that can flee are making for the elven haven of Harvane.

The heroes make way for the Randa Embassy only to find the staff being escorted out in shackles. Detective Steelman is overseeing the information outside, but seems generally apathetic and bored with his duties.

Kora decides to use his magical abilities to hide himself from vision. He then sneaks over to Vicar General Dorinel, Kora’s superior, and they jointly develop a plan to free the prisoners. After their planning is concluded, Kora enters the embassy to try and learn anything he can. Inside, he finds Etherblades ransacking the shelves and drawers of the embassy in search of something. Kora hears the familiar voice of Archmage Raine Dumitrescu and decides to regroup with the party.

The party immediately departs to a nearby Inquisition safe house to make preparations for the jailbreak. After careful planning, and the aid of Inquisitors that managed to escape arrest, the party infiltrates the jail.

Thanks to magical aid from Timothy, Lucas, and Kora, Khantarith is able to barrel through the jail, killing all in his path. Those that he spares are soon slain by the other party members with the exception of one guard, whom Lucas mercifully spared.

Upon plunging into the catacombs below the jail, where the prisoners are being held, the party encounters undead creatures known as Crypt Things. The Crypt Things are defeated but not before teleporting Kora and Timothy into nearby jail cells. Timothy remains locked in his cell, whereas Kora uses a knock scroll to free himself.

The party engages in the last stage of the plan, which is to pull a lever to open all of the cells in the jail, when they are confronted by a powerful undead creatures known as a Bodak.

The Bodak battles the party fiercely and proves difficult to harm. His evil gaze drains Khantarith of much of his strength. After a long and arduous struggle, the Bodak is eventually contained and destroyed. The prisoners are freed, and Kora takes to the lookout towers of the jail to neutralize the Watch and send the signal to nearby Inquisitors to arrive with their carriages to take the party and prisoners out of the city to Harvane.

Session 9: Confrontation with Amourdrid
A hero is slain, the Enemy is set back.

Recovering from the defeat of the demon in the entryway of the dark elf tower, the party regroups and resolves to continue their ascent of the tower.

After facing foe after foe, the party eventually reaches the apex of the tower. They are faced with a frightening sight: Amourdrid the Witch concluding a sacrificial ritual on a slain dwarf.

The party leaps into action. The battle is intense as Amourdrid uses her magic to bolster the strength of her allies and to curse the members of the party. Sensing defeat she attempts to flee but falls beyond the tower as she is struck down.

Her raven remains, mocking Khantarith as he stands at the edge of the tower. Using some foul magic, Khantarith is cursed by the raven into a mad wolf beast. Khantarith leaps from the tower after the raven, and plummets to his doom.

With Amourdrid’s body vanished and the raven gone, the party collects Khantarith’s body and decides to seek his resurrection from the Inquisition.

Session 8: The Demon in the Tower
Date: Av 4 2E965 - Av 5 2E965

The party was waiting in front of the Randa Embassy, where Kora Khazador was reporting to his superior Vicar General Dorinel. A courier arrived with new orders for Vercinge Torax and he was forced to excuse himself hurriedly.

Meanwhile, two new adventurers had arrived in Pharnac. A half-elf named Lucas and a half-orc known as Nwalme. Seeking to do good, and maybe obtain a little fame and fortune, they decided to investigate rumored disappearances in Pharnac’s Warehouse District. Finding a strange green substance congealed in puddles in the alleyways. After questioning some of the shipping companies, they find their way to a warehouse where many suspicious persons had been seen coming and going.

Here they meet Detective Steelman who is waiting for backup before entering the warehouse. With the adventurers agreeing to aid him, the detective decides not to wait for backup and enters the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse they find the door that the original party members have been using to enter the Undercity. Upon opening the door they find a large orc trampling out of the darkness, engorged with red crystals. Detective Steelman flees as the adventurers bravely fend off the brute’s assault.

Meanwhile, Khantarith and Timothy are loitering outside the Randa Embassy waiting for Kora to join them when Detective Steelman rides by on his horse exclaiming that there is a monster loose in the Warehouse District.

Responding to the crisis, Khantarith and Timothy arrive just in time to aid Nwalme and Lucas. Timothy subdues the warpstone addled orc by summoning a horde of celestial riding dogs that maul and ferociously assault the creature.

When the creature breathes its last, Detective Steelman returns with backup. Nwalme pulls one of the red warpstones out of the orc and wraps it in cloth. Timothy and Khantarith flee into the Undercity tunnel fearing that the guards may want them for abandoning their mining contract with the Pavel Company. Lucas and Nwalme accept a modest reward from the detectives, but decline to join them for drinks. Steelman excuses himself for a drink while the detectives setup the crime scene for investigation.

As Khantarith and Timothy hide in the hole, they are confronted by a squad of well-armored dwarves. The dwarves inform them this Undercity entrance has been compromised and will be sealed. The dwarves come to the surface and there is a tense moment as the detectives are unsure how to proceed. One of them goes to fetch Steelman while the party exits the warehouse. By the time Steelman returns, the dwarves are gone and the way into the Undercity is sealed.

After some introductions, Nwalme and Lucas agree to join Khantarith and Timothy in returning to the Randa Embassy to meet Kora. There is a tension between Nwalme and Khantarith, as they are racial enemies but they manage to keep things from turning violent.

When they reach the embassy, Kora emerges and introduces himself to the new party members. Kora reveals that in his meeting he was ordered to travel to the Undercity and stop Amourdrid the Witch at any cost. In reality, Kora was given the option to choose between investigating the Archmage’s murder, traveling to Gilca to propose an alliance with Randa, and confronting Amourdrid but he did not reveal he had a choice to his companions.

With the Warehouse District entrance to the Undercity sealed, the party decides they need to find a new way to access the underground. Recalling the ossuary in the cemetery, the party decides to use that to access the Undercity. Establishing a new base of operations at Groaning Ghost Inn the party meets a friendly, if not misguided, innkeeper Carsten Hoffmeyer. After the party buys his favor he provides them with ample food and a room to base themselves in. They purchase climbing supplies and prepare for the traveling ahead.

The party settles for the night in the inn, and Khantarith goes out and scouts the cemetery. He finds the grating into the ossuary. The party awakes at dawn and they travel to the ossuary, descending into the depths of bones. Backtracking to the locked door they previously could not open, they disarm it, pick the lock, and open it. They find a hall of red warpstones and after crossing it they find the passage widens and opens into a gargantuan cavern. In the middle of the cavern is a city carved from the rock. It is smooth and finely carved, like shaped coral in the ocean.

Kora and Nwalme cautiously scout out the city and are spotted by dwarven guards who send out a scouting party to track them. They evade the guards and resolve to leave the dwarven city alone.

They turn around and go to the mine, where they find it full of violet warpstones. The party proceeds through and find a way into the Undercity. In the familiar ruins of the Undercity, the party finds a dark elf spire.

After easily dispatching the guards, they throw open the door to see two dark elf priests in side over a stack of warpstones. Before the party can react, they stab each other with warpstone daggers. Their bodies and warpstones merge forming a large demonic entity, with a bear body, vicious eagle claws, and ram horns. The creature fires lightning from its mouth, crippling the party. The party slowly wears him down thanks to Khantarith’s brutal strikes.

Nwalme pulls the red warpstone from his pack and after contemplating for a few moments, he jabs it into his own shoulder. After a few moments he rises as a terrible abomination, much like the creature they killed to obtain the red warpstone. He claws savagely at the demon, but is ineffectual. He feels his brain strain to remain in control of his body.

After a grueling combat, the party eventually claims victory slaying the demon. After initially refusing, Nwalme is eventually persuaded to remove the warpstone from himself; returning him to to his normal form but not before permanently damaging his body.


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